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Chemically resistant diaphragm pump with extra suction lift

Flanged PTFE pump T200 size with TFM 1705b diaphragms, fitted with PVDF made wetting system by Tapflo Solutions™

The Customer runs anodizing plant located in South Europe. The pump has to lift to 3 meters and transfer waste sulfuric and phosphoric acids mixtures, unknown concentrations, with a capacity of 3,75m3/h, head 20m @ 90°C. Density for the mixture: 1760 kg/m3. The pump starts dry with empty tubes, so given the max dry lift for this model is 3,8 mwc, it would be unable to prime – but once pump internals are wetted, suction lift increases to 9 mwc.

Thanks to the Tapflo Solutions™ Team challenge was resolved simply and effectively: a small vessel made of chemically resistant materials is attached to the pump and connected with PVDF tubes to plugs (pos. 33) in the pump bottom. This, when filled with the medium, makes pump internals wetted at the very start of operation and o-rings get pressure activated. The system is equipped with a valve at the vessel bottom, to be closed after liquid in the suction pipeline reaches pump level.

This way, our pump obtains maximum suction parameter value and can prime easily with at least 7 mwc suction lift, which proved successful in the Customer's installation.

Chemically resistant diaphragm pump with extra suction lift