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Electronic Batch Controller


Technical data

Functions: Batching; Progress indication; Totalizer for maintenance
Electrical components: Microprocessor controller; Main switch (ON/OFF); Circuit breaker; E STOP; Cabling (5 metres)
Power supply: 220-230V AC; 50-60 Hz
Ingress protection: IP65
Dimensions: 400x300x195 mm
Material of the cover: ABS plastic, grey

Transferring a specified volume of liquid with an AODD pump is now very easy and precise.

Electronic Batch Controller is an automation unit designed to perform a batching process. Working together with Tapflo diaphragm pumps, it allows transferring almost every liquid. By counting and summarizing strokes of a pump, we reach the precision of 60 ml per batch (by using TR 20 pump size).

Working principle

With every stroke of a pump, there is a signal sent from the inductive sensor (-5 C or -5 CF option in pump configuration). Each signal is received and summarized by the controller. The volume of liquid pumped per stroke is preset.

Operation starts by setting the batch volume and pushing the START button. The pump will operate until reaching the desired volume of the pumped liquid. At that moment controller will stop the pump air supply by switching off the solenoid valve.

The next batch is simply started by pushing the START button again. The pump can also be switched into Manual Mode where the START button is pressed to keep the pump in operation.