Air treatment system

*The exploded drawings are for reference only, depending on the size, the sets content may vary. Arrow shows air flow direction.

Air treatment units like filter-regulator and needle valve are the basic equipment allowing to fully control an AODD. Selection of proper units, in terms of sizing, flow and air class can be time consuming. In favor of end users, Tapflo has preselected units for specific pump size, including complementary equipment like on-off valve and water separator, as well as fittings and brackets.

Available models:

6-xxx*-001FX Filter-regulator | needle valve | fittings & bracket
6-xxx*-002FX Filter-regulator | needle valve | water separator | fittings & bracket
6-xxx*-003FX Filter-regulator |needle valve | manual on-off valve | fittings + bracket
6-xxx*-004FX Filter-regulator | needle valve | electric on-off valve | fittings + bracket

*sizes are available in the table Sizes


All sets consist of push-in fittings allowing to connect the pump to the air supply source by means of pneumatic tubes.

Set size Push-in fitting size [mm] Selected for pump size
020 8 TR9/T20/25/30
100 10 T50/70/80/100/120/125
200 12 T200/220/225
400 16 T400/420/425
8001) 16 T800/820 S
8002) 16 T820 A

1) Pumps with plastic centerblock

2) Pumps with aluminum centerblock