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Metal Diaphragm Pump for chemical industry

Metal Diaphragm Pump for chemical industry

Metal Diaphragm Pump with Guardian system (pump diaphragm failure monitoring), pneumatic hose reel and grounding cable reel, arranged for the final customer, a company specialized in chemical manufacturing and bulk liquid terminal services.

This customized mobile pump unit was designed for tanker unloading and chemical transfer of Carbon Disulfide. To reduce cost of the transportation (from Europe to Australia), unit fits standard pallet: it is equipped with detachable handle as well as suction and drain valves. During the design process Tapflo ETO (Engineering To Order) team was focused on ease of operation and flawless work in hazardous zones (ATEX) which was perfectly executed.

The pump itself represents several safety features by design. First of all, the stainless steel pump is ATEX rated which means it can be safely used in zone 1 hazardous area without risk of generating potential ignition sources. What is more, the pump is equipped with a double diaphragm system. This is the most sophisticated system that can be adopted to almost all Tapflo AODD pumps. It is fully pneumatic and ATEX rated. The double diaphragm system allows to stop the pump instantly after a diaphragm rapture therefore protecting not only the pump interiors and the pumped product form going to waste but also the area around the pump from contamination.

Metal Diaphragm Pump for chemical industry

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