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PT High pressure hose pumps


Materials, data and limits

Technical data Specification
Casing material nodular cast iron (std)
Hose material
Industrial reinforced - NR (std), NBR, EPDM, CSM
Food grade reinforced - NR FDA, BR FDA, EPDM FDA
Insert material (wetted) AISI 316L (std), PTFE, PP
Connection type EN1092-1 Flange (std), ANSI flange,
BSP/NPT thread, Camlock, hose tail,
DIN 32676 clamp, DIN 11851 thread, SMS 3017 clamp
Motor* IEC standard, 3-phase, 4-pole, 50/60 Hz, IP55+PTC
Max. capacity 60 m3/h
Max. viscosity 100 000 cP***
Max. liquid temp. 80 ºC**
Max. discharge pressure 15 bar
Max. suction lift - 0.9 bar
* Other motor options available on request
** At a room temperature of 20°C. Furthermore, it depends on the pumped fluid and on the hose material
*** Maximum value may vary depending on pump size and installation


industrial, paint, waste water treatment, food, paper mills, chemical, biogas, recycling, mining, building

  • Capacity 0 - 60 m3/h (up to 120 m3/h twin head)
  • shoe design
  • lubricant type: glycerine FDA
  • housing material: nodular cast iron
  • 15 sizes available
  • horizontal and vertical gear motor position


  • Pumping challenging liquids
    Hose pumps are suitable for efficiently pumping highly abrasive, corrosive, and viscous liquids containing particles.
  • Ease maintenance, reduced downtime
    Hassle-free maintenance and minimal downtime due to few components and no seals required.
  • Easy operation
    User-friendly operation without the need for specialized personnel.
  • Cost-effective solution
    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for economical pumping solutions.
  • Turbulence-free performance
    Smooth and gentle pumping even with highly abrasive or sensitive liquids, minimizing wear and ensuring optimal operations.
  • Extensive configuration options
    The pump connection offers a diverse range of types and orientations.
  • Self-priming
    Efficient self-priming with superior suction capacity up to -0.9 bar.
  • Handling high viscosity
    Reliable performance with the ability to pump liquids with viscosities up to 100,000cP.
  • Reversible operation
    Versatile functionality for various applications with an easy change of rotation direction.
  • Adjustable flow and precise dosing
    Flexibility in flow rates and precise dosing accuracy of approximately ±5% by adjusting the speed, such as with a frequency converter.
  • Safe to run dry
    Safe to run dry, eliminating the need for monitoring and ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.