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CTX High performance pumps


Typical applications

Food & Beverage CTX H
Transfer of various ingredients and products like edible oil, flavor, alcohol and juice. There are also many auxiliary applications like the transfer of cleaning liquids and water.
Dairy CTX H
Transfer milk, yogurt, cream, curds and whey, skimmed milk, butter, cottage cheese, melted cheese, ice cream.
Chemical & Pharma CTX H & CTX I
Transport of chemicals and ready products from storage tanks, containers, and baths, for example in degreasing. Transfer of soap, SLES, solvents, creams, oils, alcohol, gels. Handling of waste products.

The premium pump series from Tapflo with superior performance

Thanks to the robust construction and a compact and reliable design, centrifugal high performance pumps CTX assure long term failure-free operation thus short downtimes. CTX pumps are available in Hygienic (CTX H) and Industrial execution (CTX I).

Fast facts

  • Capacity: 2.5 - 125 m3/h
  • Max head: 88 m
  • Liquid temperature range: -10 °C ... + 120 °C
  • Ambient terperature range: -20 °C ... + 40 °C

Features & benefits

  • Designed for the applications requiring high efficiency
  • Available in Hygienic & Industrial execution
  • Single or double mechanical seal
  • Low noise & low vibration
  • The Impeller can be adjusted (trimmed)to work with specific parameters
  • Robust construction and easy maintenance thus less downtime
  • Modular design concept
  • Low NPSHr