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AODD – A perfect fit pumps for the packaging industry

Tapflo Air Operated Double Diaphragm Metal series:

The compact, smooth and simple design is common for this series. The number of parts is reduced to a necessary minimum. The aluminum pumps are found in fields like:

  • pulp and paper (glues, sodium silicate, colors and titanium oxide, sampling)
  • paint industries (water- and solvent-based paints, inks, varnishes, glues, adhesives and solvents)
  • waste water treatment

Tapflo AODD application

Long life diaphragms:

Tapflo diaphragms are of composite construction, superior for continuous heavy-duty service, with a completely smooth surface in contact with the liquid. This results in a no-leak through and easy to clean design. They are available in various materials, like EPDM, NBR, FKM, PTFE, PTFE TFM™ 1705b, to suit any requirements. Our diaphragms can achieve over 80.000.000 cycles.

Tapflo AODD application

PTFE diaphragms:

The PTFE or PTFE TFM™ 1705b film of the diaphragm forms a closed surface to the liquid. The integrated light metal supporting core and the fabric reinforcement fulfill high strength requirements. Both materials have smooth surface resulting in excellent non-sticking surface, perfect for paints, inks, pigments and glues. PTFE TFM™ 1705b diaphragms features superior mechanical strength due to reduced deformation under load and better flex fatigue properties. Lower porosity and permeability makes it the perfect choice for penetrative liquids like solvents.

Tapflo AODD application

PTFE coating:

Optional PTFE coating on aluminum pumps serves as a non-stick surface perfect for glues and adhesives. It also provides additional cleanability, desirable when pumping several paints, inks and pigments with one pump.

Tapflo AODD application05


Tapflo pumps for filter-press applications are compact units that can be mounted directly on the filter press. The design and functionality allow the user a direct pressing of slurries, up to 16 bar. The unit comes with housing reinforcement, an external pressure booster that can even double the inlet pressure and a high-pressure air valve.

Tapflo AODD