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June 2015


Tapflo Newsletter June 2015

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Tapflo introduces:

New, bigger Magnetic drive Centrifugal Pump

CTM 32-12,5
We are proud to introduce our extended CTM pumps range! The new member of this family ic CTM 32-12,5.
This is the biggest and most powerful CTM pump in range at the moment.
  • CTM is a perfect choice for a chemically corrosive and toxic liquids.
  • CTM is a close coupled compact pump ideal for service in little spaces like in OEM installations.
  • Perfect pump for clean and thin liquids like pure chemicals, acids and alkalis.
Features & Benefits
No leakage
safe working environment and environmental friendly
Economical operation
high degree of efficiency and no waste of product
Magnetic power transmission
no mechanical seal problems
Safe handling of hazardous fluids
seal less pump

Please follow the "CTM 32 | Launch pack" button below to get further information, brochure, manuals, presentations etc.
Do not hesitate to contact our support desk at support@tapflo.com should you have further questions.
Price list will be distributed through our price list distribution e-mail list.

New improved Filter press solution from Tapflo

Tapflo TF pumps redesigned

Tapflo is proud to announce that a series of changes have been implemented in the TF pump range in order to assure better pump operation and handling.
Main changes include new standard of reinforcement plates, booster holders and booster supplier. Tapflo has introduced Festo booster as its standard solution.

Features & Benefits
Optimal pressure amplification
The output pressure can be regulated up to 2:1 of input pressure
  • Plug & Play
    The pressure booster is mounted directly on the pump making it a small and compact unit that can be assembled on the filter press
  • Simple operation principle
    Due to its working principle the TF pump does not require any automation nor complicated safety features for proper operation
  • Robust design
    Best durability thanks to balanced diaphragms and high pressure pump concept
  • Special design
    Using of reinforcement plates, pin screws and a hybrid air valve ensures reliable and maintenance free operation under high pressure
  • Diverse
    All Tapflo pumps can be supplied with a booster making the range appropriate for almost any application

Tapflo introduces new FTA series filter units

FTA 80 | FTA 160 | FTA 210

FTA filters complement Tapflo product range for galvanic and surface treatment industies.

Standard FTA Filter is delivered with Tapflo Centrifugal Magdrive CTM series pump, that provides safe and leakage free operation.

Depending on the unit size FTA filters are available with 1, 3 or 7 twenty inch  (20”) polypropylene filter cartridges available in standard porosities of 50, 20, 10 and 1 μm.

FTA filters made in PP, with high resistance for Acids and Alkali, find big use in surface treatment when is a need of liquids purification.

The whole surface treatment process quality often relies on the bath filtration quality.

As there are many hazardous substances used, it is of paramount importance to ensure these chemical ale handled in a safe way.

To sum up Tapflo is here to provide you with reliable solutions that increase both quality and safety of your surface treatment processes.

Tapflo Group Asian Distributors Meeting 2015 | Bali

Photo relation & summary

On 26-28 of March Tapflo Group held 4 th Asian Distributors Meeting.The venue place was Bali/Indonesia..
The bi-annual meeting is a great opportunity to exchange experience with Tapflo staff and other Tapflo distributors from all around the world and learn more about our company and products. We had two days of intensive lectures, workshops and socializing.

Traditionally we awarded The Golden Pump. This year it belongs to AP Equipments from Vietnam!
We also founded new prestigious medal, the Medal of Honor, for the most devoted and influential people in our organization.
Traditionally we certified our BIG5 members who are Germany, Russia, Sweden, Poland and the UK.
We also decided to set up similar club for most influential Asian distributors the "Asian Tigers".
This year Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and India were certified.
Congratulations for all!
We would like to thank all the participants form 17 countries for your work, inspiring discussions and rewarding socializing :)

Please find some photos below.
More photos on our facebook profile.
Tapflo meeting in Norway

Some leisure and skiing after intensive group work.

Tapflo Academy

Participant's report

Vaughan Smith

Branch Manager & Product Manager
HCD Flow Technology (New Zealand)

During May, I was fortunate enough to visit the Tapflo manufacturing facility in Poland and the head office in Sweden.
From the moment I arrived in Gdansk, I was made to feel very welcome.
 On Friday, Adam Pszczoła was my tour guide and head tutor. After a tour of the factory, it was down to business with Jakub and David. I spent some time assembling and testing pumps.
I hope I didn’t slow the production too much. After lunch, I spent some more time on product training. In particular, I enjoyed gaining an insight into how the Tapflo products have been developed and also about some of the new features and production techniques.
I must say, I was very impressed with the attention to product quality given by everyone I met in the factory. The team work very well together.
After dinner with Adam at a traditional Polish restaurant, we visited the seaside resort town of Sopot.
On Saturday, I travelled to Gothenburg. The hotel was very busy as the Gothenburg ½ marathon with 64000 competitors was run earlier in the day.
I spent Sunday exploring the city. It was very exciting for me as it was first visit to Sweden.
On Monday morning Henrik collected me from the hotel and it was off to the office.
I spent the morning meeting everyone. I was great to meet people I had previously communicated with via email.
After some time with Gunnar and Henrik covering more product training, I spent some time with Dan on pump repair and maintenance
On Tuesday, Henrik covered some the items discussed at the recent conference in Bali.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to both sites. I feels great to be made a part of the Tapflo family.

Tapflo response: It was our pleasure to host you Vaughan. We are also glad to have you in our family!
Tapflo Academy

New Training Center under construction

This year we will launch our brand new Tapflo Academy - training and knowledge sharing center for Tapflo Group members, distributors, employees and partners.

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