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October 2018

Tapflo Newsletter October 2018

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Tapflo Group Management Conference 2018
November 21-22

On November 21-22 Tapflo Group Managers from almost 20 countries will meet again to sum up the progress of our group in 2018 and discuss strategies and objectives and challenges for incoming year.

Tapflo Training Program Schedule 2019
  • 30.01-01.02.2019 - Advanced training - 5 places available
  • 27.02-01.03.2019 - Beginner training - 5 places available
  • 22-24.05.2019 - Beginner training - 8 places available
For training sign up and information please contact: techsupport@tapflo.pl
Tapflo Group Meeting 2018
We had a great pleasure to host our 10th Tapflo Group Meeting conference in Poland on17-21 September 2018 . The participants arrived from over 30 countries around the world.

The conference was engaged and applicable to common issues we face within our respective organizations.  The main topics we explored was Corporate values, Tapflo Group performance, Manufacturing development, Marketing, After Sales and Tapflo Solutions TM, where we were found vision, strategy, and effective practices for innovative initiatives in an ever-changing business environment.
During the TGM 2018, our guests participated in the Quiz Walk – an outdoor game which challenged their knowledge of Tapflo products and pumping technology.
The main award during the gala dinner ceremony was The Golden Pump Award 2018. This time this special acknowledgment went to Tapflo France. 

During the Gala dinner, we took an opportunity to renew the Certificates for extraordinary sales improvement over the years companies within Tapflo Group. The certificates were awarded to Tapflo Italia SRL, Tapflo Serbia, Tapflo UK and Tapflo Ukraine. Congratulations

Please see more photos from the exhibition on our Facebook page
Tapflo CUP 2018
30th September the Tapflo Cup 2018 took place. Finally, eight teams took part in the tournament. The Tapflo team made a nice surprise to numerous fans and won the second place losing the grand final in the penalty kicks!

All teams received commemorative diplomas and cups. The winner of the tournament additionally received special awards.

The awards were handed out, by the Director of Tapflo Poland.
The tournament took place in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The teams fought with the spirit of the fair play principle. All competitors were applauded.

The children had a playground at their disposal, where they had fun in the bouncy castles.

Please see more photos from the exhibition on our Facebook page
Tapflo Ukraine - 15 years of celebration

September 2018 was a very special month for the Tapflo LLC in Ukraine.Our Ukrainian branch has celebrated the 15th anniversary!

The celebration took place in Kyiv and consisted of four different activities:

  • the two-days sales training workshop;
  • team quest "Labyrinth" was organized and successfully completed (the number of participants equaled at the entrance and exit of the Labirynth :)
  • banquet of the Ukrainian national cuisine and specially baked cake in a corporate style;
  • the collective launch of 15 sky lanterns over the Dnieper.
We are grateful to our foreign colleagues Mirosław Prusik (Poland) and Georgi Georgiev (Bulgaria) for their presence at the celebration.

“For us, 2018 is not only the 15th anniversary of the company. In fact, I believe that this year was a turning point because employees of TAPFLO LLC in Ukraine are not just colleagues, but a real team that is ready to solve any client’s problem in the most efficient way and develops the best solutions. I can confidently say that for 10 years of my work in the company, this is the strongest and most successful team!”, - said the director of the company TAPFLO LLC in Ukraine Andrey Leus.
Please see more photos from the celebration on our Facebook page.
Tapflo Academy | Beginner training

On August 20-21 we had a great pleasure to host our teammates form Kazakhstan. They have visited our factory to acquire training regarding product news and developments.  

As usual apart from lectures and presentations they had an opportunity to work with real products during the hands-on training. Visits form guests from other Tapflo countries is always a great opportunity to also strengthen the relations within multinational team working with each other’s daily on the emails.

For more info and photos please visit our Facebook page.

Tapflo Academy | Advanced training

On July 16-18 we had the great enjoyment in being hosts to colleagues from Steinle GmbH - our partner on the German market. Not surprisingly, the Steinle crew have the considerable knowledge and experience in the Tapflo pumps, so they attended Tapflo Training – Advanced Course.  

This course level covers a broad spectrum of subjects like product details, codification, application, claims and Tapflo accessories. Additionally, this course helps to understand new products and technical updates.
Apart from theory, our colleagues also took part in the hands-on training and the factory tour. During training activities, participants shared their own experience, which we highly appreciate. 

In the evenings our guests, together with their tutors from Tapflo Product department, spent time socializing in Gdańsk Old Town. After the training, all successful participants received certificates confirming their new-gained knowledge.

Please see more photos from the exhibition on our Facebook page

Tapflo expanding its machine park

Due to the still growing demand for Tapflo pumps we are expanding our machine park. In the previous week, the new Mazak VTC-760C was delivered and set up in the factory. Our new machine, thanks to the high-rigidity and high-accuracy construction combined with the powerful spindle, enables high material removal rates for maximized quality and component accuracy of our pumps.

Please see more photos from the exhibition on our Facebook page.

TU53, TU103, THU203, THU403
are no longer USP VI approved

We inform that pharmaceutical pump series (TU53, TU103, THU203, THU403) made from PE (Polyethylene) are no longer USP VI approved until further notice.

For more information please contact techsupport@tapflo.pl
CTP Plastic pumps

Tapflo announces new plastic centrifugal pump for aggressive liquids containing solid particles.

New compact and reliable, mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps give the right solution for liquids containing solid particles. Since there are no metal parts on the liquid side, the pumps are ideal for chemicals transfer and circulation in surface treatment industry.

To download the materials please refer to our Launch pack below:

Launch pack

Please find additional information here: Press Release   Website   Email

Manual   Brochure

Even more product information is available at our product department: techsupport@tapflo.pl

FT Filters

Tapflo is here to provide you with reliable solutions that increase both quality and safety of your filtration processes.

FT Filters are developed to work in various applications, where process quality often relies on the bath filtration. As there are many hazardous substances used, it is of paramount importance to ensure these chemicals are handled in a safe way.?

To download the materials please refer to our Launch pack below:

Launch pack

Please find additional information here:  Website   Email


Even more product information is available at our product department: techsupport@tapflo.pl


Tapflo Russia at ExpoDrev 2018

04 - 07 September 2018 Tapflo UK was participated in exhibition ExpoDrev 2018 Krasnoyarsk, Russia. 

International Specialized Woodworking Trade show "ExpoDrev Russia 2018" celebrated its 20th anniversary. Today it is one of the leading Russian projects in the forest industry that has an international status.

Russian and foreign businessmen come to the Krasnoyarsk trade show willingly for a number of reasons. First, the regional economy demonstrates stable growth, complex development of the region is performed, new technologies in different spheres come into existence. Second, Krasnoyarsk region is considered one of the advanced industrial regions in forest and workable wood stocks. In 2017 Krasnoyarsk region demonstrated record high timber harvesting – 23,1 mln. cubic meters, a quarter more than the previous year. They haven’t see such a big harvesting volume since the Soviet Union period.


Tapflo Russia at "Mechanical Engineering. Metallurgy. Metalworking" and "Oil. Gas. Chemistry"  2018

11 - 14 September 2018 Tapflo Russia was participated in the specialized exhibition "Mechanical Engineering. Metallurgy. Metalworking" and "Oil. Gas. Chemistry", which was hold  at the Udmurtia Exhibition Centre, Izhevsk, Russia.

Production, processing and sale of oil and gas. Technologies and equipment for the treatment of industrial waste. Transportation and storage of oil and gas. Protection of equipment and pipelines against corrosion. Oil and gas geology and geophysics. Power and electrotechnical equipment. Equipment for construction and operation of oil extraction, oil refining, gas and chemical industries. Health, safety in a workplace. Individual protection means. Resource-saving technologies. Raw materials, chemical materials used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Services.


Tapflo UK at PPMA 2018

25 - 27 September 2018 Tapflo UKwas participated in exhibition PPMA Show 2018 Birmingham, UK. 

PPMA Show is UK’s annual showcase for processing and packaging machinery. It proves an unrivalled opportunity to demonstrate machinery and equipment live to the UK's largest captive audience of manufacturers, processors and engineers. PPMA Show is a unique exhibition, delivering innovative production line solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency and flexibility across a wide range of industries including food and drink, household products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries.


Tapflo Russia at KHIMIA 2018

29 October - 01 November 2018, Tapflo Russia will participate in international exhibition KHIMIA 2018 which is going to be held in Expocenter Moscow, Russia.

Khimia is a meeting place for chemical manufacturers, service providers, suppliers of the latest equipment, materials and technologies, and consumers from all over the world.
According to industry experts, Khimia has a great impact on development of the chemical, petrochemical and other industries, and promotes ties between Russian and foreign companies.

More information: https://tapflo.com.ru/news/29-october-2018-tapflo-chemistry-2018

Tapflo Romania at INDAGRA Food 2018

31 October - 04 November 2018 Tapflo Romania will participate ininternational trade fair for the food industry INDAGRA FOOD 2018, which will take place at Romexpo Exhibition Center, Bucharest-Romania.

INDAGRA FOOD is an event organized in partnership with ADDOR EVENTS, and dedicated to producers, suppliers and importers of equipment and technologies for the food industry – bakery, vegetables, fruits and milk & fish processing.
Visiting hours:
31.10 – 03.11:  9 am - 7 pm
04.11: 9 am - 4 pm

More information: httpss://www.indagra-food.ro/en/

Tapflo Russia at Corrosion Protection 2018

28 - 30 November 2018 Tapflo Russia will participate in the 21th international exhibition and congress CORROSION PROTECTION 2018 which is going to be held in Expoforum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Unique advantages of the exhibition:
  • Participation of leading Russian and foreign manufactures and industry experts;
  • The main strategic partner and co-organiser of the event is the Corrosion Protection Office of the Department for the Underground Storage, Transportation and Utilisation of Gas at Gazprom;
  • Cooperation with national and foreign industry unions, government and non-governmental organizations;
  • High buyers potential of the exhibition. Exhibition visitors – directors of companies and specialised divisions, experts from various industrial sectors (fuel-and-energy complex, construction, ship-building, machine-building, railways, etc.), and representatives of assembly organisations and maintenance services, as well as area researchers and students.
More information: https://tapflo.com.ru/news/28-30-november-tapflo-corrosion-protection-2018

Tapflo Baltic States at Tech Industry 2018

The international trade fair for mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, industrial supplies, tools and innovated technology “Tech Industry 2018” – the biggest and most important event for industrial production in the Baltic States – will take place at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, Latvia, 29 November – 1 December.


The mission of "Tech Industry" is to encourage business and international relations, to boost transnational cooperation, to show the development trends of industrial production and connected industries in the Baltic States, to contribute to Latvian enterprises’ economic competitiveness in the global level, as well as to encourage youth’s interest in engineering.

More than 270 companies from the Baltics, Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS and other countries take part in this fair.

More information: https://www.techindustry.lv/
Emergency Situations Pump

The trolley mounted Tapflo TX200 TTT-3DTL diaphragm pump is used for monochloroacetic acid transfer in emergency situations. It will be used by an internal fire department in a large chemical-producing plant.

The key features of the design are:

  • mobility – the unit weighs only 110 kg (242.5 lbs).
  • compactness – the unit is equipped with Camlock connections and air treatment system which does not protrude out of the frame.
  • explosion proof – the unit can be used in ATEX Ex II 3G Ex IIB T4 zone.
  • reinforced stainless steel construction that protects the pump from damage during the rescue operation.
Please find more information on our product page and brochure: Should you need similar solution or tailored to your specific needs please contact us at sales@tapflo.com or contact your local Tapflo dealer: https://tapflo.com/en/contact
Washing Line Systems: CTV and T50 Pumps

Galvanic baths lines additional equipment CTV40-12.5 as a circulating and T50PTT as a dosing pump.

The units are used on the washing line of the manufacturer, that produces aircraft parts. As a solution we proposed CTV pumps, they are used to circulate and filter washing liquids - mainly sodium hydroxide.

In the same project, T50 pumps are used for unloading chemical additives from the barrels and then dosing them to washing baths. Tapflo main goal was to deliver a solution that would provide an easy and safe operation. At the same time, we met the important requirement of our customer - footprint reduction.

Please find more information in our product page and brochure:

Should you need similar solution or tailored to your specific needs please contact us at sales@tapflo.com or contact your local Tapflo dealer: https://tapflo.com/en/contact