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December 2021


Tapflo Newsletter December 2021

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Hello everyone!

I would like to start with thanking everyone for great achievements during 2021.

Despite the challenging times, we are pleased to see that you have adopted to the situation and that we are still able to serve our customers at an uninterrupted service level. Our overall performance has been great, and we are growing, producing more pumps than ever and new models and features are introduced continuously. Our inherent strengths being flexible and quickly adopt to new situations have clearly helped us to improve our position when market conditions have changed. Still, I sincerely hope things will go back to normal and that we can start meet each other in person again.

We have a comprehensive and interesting product development pipeline and we currently see prototypes being tested with great results. At the same time we are expanding our production facilities to be able to cope with the anticipated growth. Thus, we really look forward to 2022 with a lot of new and exciting things ahead of us.

But most important to achieve our excellent results are you.
Without the hard work of the people in our global teams around the globe, this would not have been possible.

Once again thank you and on behalf of the Management Team and the Owners, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas holiday announcement

Dear Colleagues, please note that due to the Christmas holidays our offices and warehouses will work as follows:

Office closed:  December 24, 31. January 06.
Open until 12:00:  January 5th

Office closed: December 23-26. January 06-07   
Limited staff:  December 31 - January 5  

For detailed information please check with your contact person.
Thanks for your understanding

Tapflo Group Meeting 2021 Online 
November 28-29 | Tczew | Poland

The meeting was broadcasted from the Tapflo Factory to members of the Tapflo Family all over the world. We took up a broad spectrum of topics including, product updates, marketing challenges, future developments ideas and more. We also took the participants on a virtual factory tour.

It was the first Tapflo Group Online meeting realized on such a scale. We are proud because it turned out as a success. Here are few statistics of the meeting:

?? +250 participants around the world from +50 countries
?? 13 hours of streaming
?? 10 people of external staff, 7 people from Tapflo directly engaged in streaming, 16 speakers
?? 2 tons – total mass of equipment used during the stream including, diode screen, cameras, lighting, mixers, and other

A big Thank You to all participants and presenters who joined us for the Tapflo Group Meeting 2021 online.

Doing this meeting online for the first time has been a challenge, but together we really pulled it off! It shows that even though we´re located all around the world, we can still “meet” in the different times we are all experiencing. 

Thank you for being with us!

Tapflo Academy | Beginner Product Training
October | Tczew, Poland

Recently we resumed our cyclical training in the Tapflo Factory called Tapflo Beginner Product Training. For a good start, we invited our colleagues from Hungary and Sweden.

In our Tapflo Academy, trainees learnt the theoretical aspects of the diaphragm (including air & electrical operated), centrifugal pumps and control options and accessories. They also participated in hands-on training where they assembled and dismantled pumps on their own! Moreover, our students went on the factory tour to learn the exceptional quality of Tapflo pumps production technologies.
Next Tapflo training, which we organized specially for our colleagues from STEINLE Industriepumpen GmbH, is in progress. This time to optimize the learning, we split the team into two groups of various levels of advancement.

Tapflo Academy | Advanced Product Training
November | Tczew, Poland

Another successful and instructive Product Training was conducted in Tapflo factory in Tczew, Poland. We hosted our Friends from France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. As usual the practical part attracted the greatest interest of our guests.

HVS High Viscosity System 
We are glad to announce that Tapflo High Viscosity Drum System (HVS) is now officially available product in our Tapflo Manufactured Product Portfolio.

The HVS Drum unloading machine is designed for handling high viscous liquids in industrial as well as hygienic applications. The most common applications for HVS are:
  • Food and Beverage:  tomato pastes, caramels, fruit and vegetable concentrates, peanut butter, mayonnaises, nougat pastes, chocolate/fudge, glycerine, oils, fats.
  • Cosmetic and pharma:  vaselines, ointments, creams & lotions, semi-solid wax/paraffins, glycerines, oils, lip glosses, mascaras, facial cleansers.
  • Industrial: paints, varnishes, glues. Resins
The HVS Drum Unloading machine is a fully pneumatic device. The actuators move the pump up and down,
while the AODD pump works due to two diaphragms connected by a diaphragm shaft. The shaft is pushed back and forth by alternate pressurising the air chambers behind the diaphragms using an automatically cycling air valve system.
It is perfectly suited for ensuring efficiency and process safety while pumping high viscosity, paste-like,
non-self-flowing media out of device drums stand in line.

In case if You have any questions and technical support – please do not hesitate to contact us: techsupport@tapflo.pl

Product brochure: HVS_High_Viscosity_System.pdf

Tapflo SolutionsTM 
SLES Mixing & Dilution Unit

SLES* is an organic chemical compound with excellent cleansing and foaming properties. For this reason it is an ingredient of various detergents, household products, soaps and shampoos.

SLES is usually supplied to the producers of above liquids at a concentration of 70%. Due to its physical properties, this concentrated solution is difficult to handle and must be diluted below 27% before using it in the process. The innovative SLES Mixing and Dilution Unit designed by Tapflo enables an immediate and precise preparation of a less concentrated SLES solution. This device gives a full control over the process of dilution, providing SLES that is homogenous and stable over time.

Product page: https://www.tapflo.com/en/tapflo-solutions/sles-mixing-dilution-unit
Product brochure: Tapflo_SLES_Mixing.pdf

Tapflo Tank Unit

Meet Kacper Cioch, a talented Mechanical Engineer from our Tapflo Solutions™ Team.
Kacper has created the concept of Tapflo Tank Units, then designed the complete product series and performed the first assemblies by himself to fully know and feel the system.

‘From the very beginning, the idea was to create one simple system allowing to store and pump chemicals in a convenient way. We looked for an all-in-one solution to make our customers’ life easier. Simplicity is an art, and we apply this approach to every product. Looking for a simple and clear design is one of our principles at Tapflo. I am very proud of systems like this little one!’ declares Kacper with a smile on his face

Product page: Tank Units
Product brochure: Tapflo Tank Units.pdf

Electronic Batch Controller

Pump and automation always go hand in hand!
We are very lucky to have Krzysztof Grelewicz in our team… ?? Krzysztof is a skilled and experienced Automation Engineer at Tapflo Solutions™. Recently he developed a control system dedicated to performing batching with the help of our air operated diaphragm pumps.

‘I was thinking about how to make greater use of our AODDs for a long time. One of the main customer requests is to transfer a specified volume of liquid by using a diaphragm pump. It was intriguing because I knew it had to be a simple and cost-effective solution, in the same way as our pumps are!

Having this in mind, I have created the Electronic Batch Controller. It counts strokes of the pump, then summarizes the signals and stops the pump immediately when the required volume is reached. It is a professional, easy to use controller which provides accurate batches. Now I am very excited seeing how much this simple system is appreciated by our customers!’ says Krzysztof standing proud next to his baby ??

Product page: Electronic Batch Controller
Product brochure: Electronic batch Controller.pdf

 Tapflo Russia | Tatarstan Oil and Gas Chemical Forum 2021
September 07-09 | Kazan | Russia

 Tapflo Bulgaria | THE WORLD OF MILK 2021
     September 29 - October 2 | Sofia, Bulgaria

 Tapflo Poland | TECHCO Forum 2021
     November 23 - 24 | Bronisławów, Poland

 Tapflo & VMflex | EMAF Industrial Exhibition 2021
     December 01 - 04| Porto, Portugal

Jansson`s temptation, or Janssons frestelse
Potatoes, onions, anchovies and cream are the essentials for this Christmas dish.

Jansson’s temptation, or Janssons frestelse - a creamy potato and anchovy casserole - is said to have been named after Pelle Janzon, a food-loving Swedish opera singer of the early 1900s.

In any case, the recipe was published for the first time in 1940, and this rich casserole quickly became a classic of the Swedish Christmas dinner table. But Jansson’s temptation can just as easily be eaten at any time of year.

Full recipe here >>>