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cember 2017

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Tapflo Group Management Meeting 2017

21-24 November

This year we had a great pleasure to host Tapflo Group Management Meeting 2017 in Poland.  We hosted the country managers representing Tapflo operations from more than 14 countries to sum up the progress of our group in 2017 and discuss strategies and objectives for 2018.

The meetings were full of fruitful and inspiring discussions. As usual we did not forget about informal integration which is an important element "The Tapflo Way " philosophy.

During the Gala dinner the Board awarded Tapflo Bulgaria and Tapflo Serbia with a Performance Excellence tiltes. Congratulations!

Please see some photos below |
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Tapflo Poland supported local firefighters team

OSP Jelen

Tapflo Poland supported local firefighters team OSP Jeleń in removing the horrible effects of the recent storm that ravaged northern Poland. The chainsaw founded by Tapflo helped the firefighters to deal with the broken trees that damaged the houses and roads.

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Tapflo at Iran Watex 2017

Tapflo together with Pumpash, our partner in Iran, presented Tapflo products at one of the biggest fair for water industry - Iran Watex 2017 in Tehran International Ground Fair, 16-19 October 2017

All participants was benefit from great exposure to enhance their revenue channels and increase profits as this exhibition provided fabulous opportunity to reach out the maximum electrical professionals of Iran and world.

Please see some photos below | For more info and photos please visit our Facebook page.

    The objective of this exposition was to act as a comprehensive resource for the
   industry, its members, prospective business visitors and customers by providing
   in-depth information about the industry and the latest trends influencing its
   progress. Attended by prominent electrical companies, equipment manufacturers
   and vendors, the expo offered participants the opportunity to network, learned
   about new technologies and techniques, exchanged ideas and discussed about
   industry trends.


Tapflo Russia at

InterFood Siberia 2017

Tapflo Russia participated in one of the biggest exhibition of food and beverages in Siberia – InterFood Siberia 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia – 08-10 November 2017

At the exhibition was presented samples of our equipment for the food industry and our specialists was answered on all your questions of guests.

Please see some photos below 

The exhibition for food and drinks InterFood Siberia is one of the largest food industry exhibitions in Siberia.
Roundtable discussions, seminars, presentations and master classes with the participation of industry experts was hold within the framework of the exhibition.

Tapflo Bulgaria

at World of Milk 2017

Tapflo Bulgaria took part in professional exhibition for the dairy industry – World of Milk 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria – 08-11 November 2017

Please see some photos below | For more info and photos please visit our Facebook page.

The exhibition is a professional platform for participation in an extensive side-events program , exchange of experience with Bulgarian and foreign colleagues, direct contact with new partners and end customers. As a preferred place for direct meetings with potential partners, the exhibition annually gathers under one roof Bulgarian dairy producers, traders and importers of dairy products, special equipment and devices.




Flexibility and support at every stage of the process. 

"Mobile " no longer applies to cell phones only.
In fact "mobile " refers to our everyday life more & more these days - mobile homes, mobile work, mobile ...
Why is that so? ... because mobile means flexibility !

Tapflo being a leader in our industry has understood and applied that trend long time ago.

Today thanks to our Engineering To Order approach we can add "mobility ", to nearly every single pump we manufacture today.

Mobile Pump Units are most commonly used by industrial customers with spread liquid storage and a low intensity of unloading. The portability of the Units allows easy movement to various locations. This means almost limitless number of duties served by one pump unit. Now if user needs to unload several containers in different locations the mobile pump becomes most flexible solution. Additionally the pump equipped with counter-connections and hoses, which can also be part of the unit, make unloading liquid from several different tanks in different locations also very safe and cost efficient.

Mobile units from Tapflo include both - Air operated diaphragm pumps as well as centrifugal pumps and can be combined with other accessories that make the solution useful for particular application.

The idea of Mobile pumping solutions is best illustrated by examples of units used in the industry and serving real customers to support their processes.

More information: https://tapflo.com/en/case-studies
Tapflo CTH

mounted on troll S268X

for distiller industry

Tapflo CTH (Centrifugal hygienic pump) mounted on troll S268X (industrial trolley) for a final customer for the distillery industry. This custom designed mobile system has FDA and ATEX certificates.

The customer manufactures high grade beverage alcohols.

The customer needed a solution which can be used for the slow flow of small amounts of alcohol macerate and gentle circulation of alcohol macerate (based on fruits) of different taste and colors.

Tapflo ETO (Engineering To Order) team designed and offered a solution with CTH pump mounted on a trolley and equipped with a built-on ON/OFF switch able to work in ATEX zone.

It is important to note that our ETO team has a huge experience in designing mobile, ATEX solutions and prices are very competitive!

Please find more information in our product brochure: 

Should you need similar solution or tailored to your specific needs please contact us at sales@tapflo.com or contact your local Tapflo dealer: https://tapflo.com/en/contact


 RECIPE: Saffron Bun Cookies: Swedish December classic

These yellow, coiled, baked goods, dotted with currants, are a Swedish December classic, traditionally served on Lucia Day. The art is in shaping them, and often when perusing through old Swedish cookbooks you’ll find a guide for all of the different ways to form them.

You simply can’t have Swedish Christmas, or December for that matter, without these bright yellow coils.

Full recipe here


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