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Tapflo Group Management Meeting 2017

21-24 November

On November 21 st. Tapflo Group Managers form more than 14 countries will meet again to sum up the progress of our group in 2017 and discuss strategies and objectives for 2018.
New Series of Intelligent diaphragm pump

from Tapflo

 TC Intelligent pumps are fitted with ingenious LEAP® technology developed by Tapflo. LEAP® or ‘Low Energy Air Pump’ is a patented technology used in AODD pumps to reduce the minimum operating air pressure by reducing internal losses and friction found in conventional AODD pumps.

- LEAP uses a unique indirect system to detect the position of the diaphragm shaft controlling the diaphragm movement automatically- explains Colin Wreyford, Technical Director at Tapflo.

 Key Benefits of the TC Intelligent pumps
  • Ultra low-pressure operation – reduced energy consumption.
  • Impossible to stall – revolutionary control technology completely prevents stalling.
  • Available in Plastic, Metal and Sanitary series AODD pumps – TC50 - TC425 (T50 - T425 equivalent).
  • Retrofit – Leap can be fitted to any existing Tapflo Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
  • Improved Lifespan – LEAP™ uses a seal-less air valve technology with significantly longer life expectancy over conventionally sealed vales.
  • Noise Reduction – lower air pressure = less noise of the pump.
  • Simplified Maintenance – main air valve can be changed in less than two minutes without the removal of the pump from the process line.
  • Simplified Control – integral solenoid valve control negates the need for an external pneumatic solenoid valve, reducing costs and simplifying control.
  • Electrical feedback – integral VFC output signal allows for external monitoring of pump strokes.
  • Batch Dispensing – using the integral VFC output and an external predetermining counter the pump can be automatically stopped after the required volume has been dispensed.
  • Dry Running – monitoring the frequency of the output pulses from the pump can determine if the pump is running dry due to increased stroke rate.
  • Dead Heading – as with dry running, the frequency of pulses can be monitored, alerting if the pump has a blockage.
Energy Savings
The extensive testing procedure has shown that the largest amount of energy required by a pump is used to overcome the resistance created by the pump itself. – says Colin Wreyford.
Another major issue is found in the mid-port scenario, wherein the attempt to save energy by turning down the air pressure to a much lower level causes the stall of the pump.
The TC Intelligent pump is able to start pumping at 0.3 bar without stalling. In test the TC pump was already achieving flow rates of 70% of its maximum open end flow before other pumps had even started . At 0.3 (4.5 Psi) bar a standard Tapflo T50 pump fitted with LEAP® technology was already pumping at over 25 L/min, while all other air pumps tested failed to even start. To achieve the same flows and control other pumps required 1.2 bar pressure.
Tests undertaken to measure the performance of a standard pump against the new TC pump have resulted in an energy saving of up to 70%.
Case study

Tapflo’s customer’s application required the pump to run for the complete working day 5 days a week, when we consider this along with 48 weeks a year the savings can be significant:
Estimated costs for customer requiring a 2” pump and a fluid flow of 150 L/min at 1 bar discharge running 5 days a week:
- a standard pump - an average of € 2,133 each year
- a Tapflo TC intelligent pump - an average of € 1,378 each year

Savings € 755 each year.

Pump range availability
The LEAP® technology is available in below Tapflo pumps executions and sizes:

More information: www.tapflo.com
Tapflo Mobile Solutions in the latest issue

of Industrial Process Review 

  Please see the full version of the material on the link: 

         - Industrial Process Review. (September-October 2017)

Should you need similar solution or tailored to your specific needs please contact us at sales@tapflo.com or contact your local Tapflo dealer:  https://tapflo.com/en/contact

Tapflo Russia at InterFood Siberia 2017

Tapflo Russia will participate in one of the biggest exhibition of food and beverages in Siberia – InterFood Siberia 2017, Novosibirsk, Russia – 08-10 November 2017


At the exhibition we will present samples of our equipment for the food industry and we with pleasure will answer on all your questions.
Come and visit us: B312!
The exhibition for food and drinks InterFood Siberia is one of the largest food industry exhibitions in Siberia.
The attendees of the exhibition will have the opportunity to bring up to date the assortment of food and drinks due to a wide range of products displayed by manufacturers and suppliers from Russia and abroad.
Roundtable discussions, seminars, presentations and master classes with the participation of industry experts are held within the framework of the exhibition.
Also exhibitors and visitors will have opportunity to increase the volume and to expand the geography of food and drinks sales on the market of Siberia through direct contact with the heads of a large number of wholesale and retail trade companies, public catering enterprises, interested in purchasing products for solving production problems.

More information: https://www.interfood-siberia.ru/ru-RU/

Tapflo Bulgaria at World of Milk 2017

Tapflo Bulgaria exhibits in professional exhibition for the dairy industry – World of Milk 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria – 08-11 November 2017

Come and visit us: stand C1 | Hall 2!

The exhibition is a professional platform for participation in an extensive side-events program , exchange of experience with Bulgarian and foreign colleagues, direct contact with new partners and end customers. As a preferred place for direct meetings with potential partners, the exhibition annually gathers under one roof Bulgarian dairy producers, traders and importers of dairy products, special equipment and devices.

More information: https://food-exhibitions.bg/index.php/en/mliako

Tapflo Ireland at Future in Food 2017

Tapflo Ireland will participate in Future in Food Ireland 2017, Dublin, Ireland – 23 November 2017

Come, visit our stand, get the best solutions for your food and drinks processing and manufacturing.

Future in Food Ireland will attract senior-level executives and decision-makers from the Irish food and drinks processing industry and create an environment in which to network, do business and access knowledge on the latest developments, trends, strategies and policies relating to one of Ireland’s most important manufacturing sectors.

Future in Food Ireland will bring together delegates from the Irish food and drinks manufacturing sector who are responsible for the energy efficiency, environmental policies and financial performance of their operation within Ireland.

More information: https://futureinfood.ie/

Tapflo UK at PPMA Show 2017

 Tapflo UK participated in third PPMA Show 2017 in Nec, Berminham UK, 26-28 Sep 2017
The PPMA Show processing and packaging machinery exhibition, provided manufacturers with insights into the latest machinery products, technologies and materials.

The PPMA Show is serving manufacturers within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and FMCG industries to contract packers and more, the show offered visitors a chance to see new machinery in action, find inspiration, new ideas and solutions, gain access to potential new suppliers and evaluate and purchased the latest technology as well as talk face-to-face with the industry’s leading technical experts.
Tapflo new TC Intelligent pump awarded

at PPMA Show 2017

Tapflo is proud to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies exhibiting at PPMA Show 2017 in Birmingham by the independent panel of 10 esteemed industry experts.

Tapflo became a finalist of PPMA Group Industry Awards 2017, in  Innovative Processing System category, with its 
TC Intelligent pump (fitted with LEAP Technology).

This recognition is double important for Tapflo as TC Intelligent pumps are the newest product in company's portfolio.

Specification TC Intelligent pump:
Tapflo TC series pumps are based on standard Tapflo air operated diaphragm pumps but fitted with an power pack called LEAP® Technology. The LEAP® technology was developed for a ultra low flow high pressure applications.

LEAP® or ‘Low Energy Air Pump’ is a patented technology used in AODD pumps to reduce the minimum operating air pressure by reducing internal losses and friction found in conventional AODD pumps.
LEAP uses a unique indirect system to detect the position of the diaphragm shaft controlling the diaphragm movement automatically.

Extensive testing procedure showed that a large amount of energy required in a pump was to overcome the resistance in the pump. Another major issue was the mid-port scenario when Air pumps were turned down to much lower air pressure in an attempt to save energy, the pumps simply stalled.

The TC Intelligent pump is able to start pumping at 0.3 bar with no stalling, in test the pump was already achieving flow rates of 70% of its maximum open end flow before other pumps had even started.
Tapflo Japan at INTERPHEX 2017
 Tapflo K.K. (Japan) presented Tapflo products at INTERPHEX 2017 in Tokyo, Japan - 28-30 June 2017
With more than 1,000 exhibitors, INTERPHEX JAPAN is the world's leading and firmly established B-to-B trade show specialized in Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing.
The show covers the whole process of pharmaceutical production and serves as the BEST business platform to penetrate Japanese market. You can meet decision makers, and demonstrate your products / services on site.

Please see some photos below
Tapflo at Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2017

 Tapflo together with Repassa, our partner in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, presented Tapflo products at Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2017- 13-15 Sep 2017.

The Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2017 is the leading coatings event in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim for raw materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the coatings industry.

The Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2017 promoting the latest paint and coatings technologies for the region’s environmental, manufacturing and industrial needs and provides a fantastic opportunity to network with both local and international exhibitors.

Please see some photos below
Tapflo at Drinktec 2017 

 Tapflo together with Steinle Industriepumpen Gmbh, our partner in German, presented Tapflo products at DrinkTec 2017 in Munich, Germany - 11-15 Sep 2017.

Number of exhibitors: 1,749 (of which are 1,243 from abroad)
Number of participating countries: 80
Exhibition space: 150 000 m2 (15 halls)

Drinktec has been held in Munich since 1951 and every four years since 1985. It is the most important event in the industry. Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, including global concerns and SMEs, meet up here with producers and retailers of all sizes in the beverage and liquid food sector.

The future is shaped at drinktec. The trade fair is regarded as the number one platform for world premieres. Manufacturers showcase their latest technologies for the production, filling and packaging of all kinds of beverage and liquid food – including raw materials and logistics solutions.


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