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December 2020

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Anniversary 2020  40 years of Tapflo  

In 2020 we were celebrating our 40th anniversary.
Thank you for being with us!

Tapflo Production facility 2020 | New brand video
How Diaphragm Pumps are Made


NEW CTX High Performance Centrifugal Pumps

Thanks to the robust construction and a compact and reliable design, centrifugal high performance pumps CTX assure long term failure-free operation thus short downtimes. CTX pumps are available in Hygienic (CTX H) and Industrial execution (CTX I).
  • Capacity: 2.5 - 125 m3/h
  • Max head: 88 m
  • Liquid temperature range: -10 °C ... + 120 °C
  • Ambient terperature range: -20 °C ... + 40 °C

Product Highlights


Tapflo Centrifugal CT pumps in special configuration for pumping paraffin

?️ ???????????: Over years Tapflo CT pumps have become first choice for liquid paraffin wax transfer in biggest candle factories in Poland, with over 100 pumps installed. Our pumps are installed from beginning to the end of Paraffin Wax handling process:
 CTI EF 1CGN2P4BJK-75 pumps are used for tank unloading, they have replaced expensive and big gear pumps allowing to unload 30ton tank within an hour – this have saved time and cost for customer.
 CTI DF 1CGN2P4BJK-40 – transfer pump from tank installed on a scale – if certain weight of paraffine wax is pumped out - dosing process stops.
 CTI CE 1CGN2P4BJK-22, CTI BB 1CGN2P4BJK-07 – pumps used in paraffine circulation circuit to maintain constant temperature – CTI CC pump is pumping paraffin wax to heat exchanger, CTI BB is pumping heating oil.
??????? ???????: CTI industrial pumps

CTV Vertical centrifugal pump in Stainless Steel with 2,2kW motor.

?️ ???????????: Pump is used at one of the biggest candle factories in Poland, same customer use also multiple number of CT pumps. CTV pump works in application for production of “paraffin flakes”.

Most of the candles are not casted from molten paraffin wax but are pressed from small paraffin flakes.

In this application CTV pump is pumping hot molten paraffin wax to nozzles creating paraffine mist, it’s cooling down in the air and creating “paraffine snow” that is falling down on cooled roller, next it is scraped from the roller creating paraffine flakes used for production of candles.
??????? ???????: CTV vertical pumps

Centrifugal pumps with heating jacket (4J), extra holes on volute casing (4O) and reinforcement pump front casing with special groove for O-ring pos. 18.

?️ ???????????: Biggest candle producer in Portugal needed price effective and reliable solution to transfer liquid molten paraffin wax at high temperature. Before they were using 4” gear pumps and there was a constant need to replace pumps due to the wear on bushings. We decided to offer Tapflo centrifugal pump CT pump basing on experiences from same application in Poland, with heating jacket (4J) so that the molten paraffin wax could keep lower viscosity and not solidify inside the pump i.e. for startup. Later, the costumer told that would feel safer if we added two more holes in the volute casing and also a thicker O-ring (BO). First pumps were installed at costumer site in February 2015. From that time customer have installed 16 pumps in his factory, and planning some more for this year. Till now there were any problems with the pumps, just standard maintenance was performed.
??????? ???????: CTI CC industrial pumps

A plastic, DN50 flanged pump with built on pulsation dampener assembled on a common frame made of AISI 304L stainless steel.

?️ ???????????: This SET is a natural extension of the Tapflo TK pump series. The aforementioned pumps are available in size TR20 – T200. In case a larger pump with built on dampener is required this SET provides the solution. The stainless steel frame contains lifting lugs and also serves as reinforcement plates for both the pump and dampener making the whole set very stable and robust.

This type of design is also available for T400 T.. and Stainless Steel pump series where TK option is not available.

??????? ???????: T400 diaphragm pumps

ATEX rated, AODD pumps in full PTFE with heavy duty integrated flanges and built on pulsation dampeners.

?️ ???????????: These pumps are an extension to our existing Integrated Flange pump range (3D/3A). So far this option was available only for standard pumps but now it is also possible to order the integrated flange in combination with “TK” built on pulsation dampener. The integrated flange is also the best option for small pumps like TR20 and T50 when flange connections are required.

The recently manufactured pumps are intended to pump decalin, which is an organic compound used as a solvent or cleaning agent. The flow range varies from 0.5 to 30 l/min.

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Old-Fashioned Swedish Glogg
A Swedish Christmas tradition since the 19th century is glögg (a variation of mulled wine).

The beverage is consumed at most parties and gatherings throughout the Christmas period and is often strengthened with additional spirits to give it an extra kick. Glögg is enjoyed with a mix of almonds and raisins, traditional saffron buns (lussekatter), and gingerbread (pepparkakor).

Full recipe here >>>