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June 2020

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Tapflo South Africa mentoring young talents 

Let us introduce Andile Dladla, a grade 10 learner who dreams about becoming an aeroplane pilot. Andile is a talented and heavily motivated young man. His favorite school subject is math’s. Andile is also a very promising rugby player that participates in the schools U16 schools rugby age group.

On behalf of the whole Tapflo Team, we would like to thank Jason Andrew the General Manager of Tapflo South Africa | Industrial & Hygienic Process Pumps & Flow Solution Provider for mentoring and helping develop this young gentleman. Tapflo South Africa proudly supports Andile through Westville Boys'​ High School Foundation believing that equal opportunity should apply to everyone.

Tapflo Products


Electrically Operated Pumps
Completely new series of diaphragm pumps, this time electrically operated – a brand new, more eco-friendly approach to the traditional AODD pump.

Materials of wetted parts
Aluminium, PTFE coated aluminium, Stainless steel (industrial and hygienic), Plastic (PE & PTFE)

Diaphragm and ball materials

Max. capacity and pressure
Up to 220 l/min Up to 4 bar

Pressure switch, Built-on frequency inverter

More information: https://www.tapflo.com/en/diaphragm-pumps/eodd-electrically-operated-pumps

The STEINLE Filter Press Pumps

The Steinle pump satisfies the need for robust and durable systems in demanding applications where liquid transferred to the filter press requires high-efficiency pumps. In that kind of application in addition to the extremely high demands placed on performance, the pump is often severely stressed by the liquids. Most slurries are abrasive and sometimes they are also chemically aggressive.

The Steinle pump transfers large quantities of liquid into the empty press as well as small quantities at high pressure when the filter press is filled.
More information: https://www.tapflo.com/en/filter-press-pump/steinle-filter-press-pumps

ProductTech Updates Highlights


ATEX certification for EODD pumps

Tapflo has the pleasure to announce that since May 2020 Electrically Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are available in ATEX.

Download: 16-2020 - ATEX certification for EODD pumps.pdf

New grub screws and shafts in AODD pumps

Since the beginning of August 2019 Tapflo ½” pumps and bigger are equipped with new grub screws and shafts of different design. The changes aim to make the pumps even more reliable and durable in the most challenging applications.

Download: 117-2020 - New grub screws and shafts in AODD pumps.pdf

Aluminum TK pumps now available

Tapflo proudly presents a new member of the TK pump family. After successful implementation of the plastic TK series in 2015 we took a step forward and developed the same solution for aluminum pumps. Unlike the plastic series the aluminum version is available in 5 sizes: from TXK25 Axx till TXK420 Axx. Since the dampener block is made of solid aluminum the TK series rated ATEX as standard.

Download: 119-2020 - TK pumps now available also in aluminum.pdf

Aluminum pulsation dampeners standard in ATEX

Starting April 2020, all Tapflo pulsation dampeners in aluminum are ATEX rated as standard. The change has been introduced to follow the same standard as aluminum pump series. The dampener is no longer available in non-ATEX version with gray PP block. The ATEX version is also not possible to configure with conductive PP block and is suited with aluminum block as standard. The change has been implemented for all dampener sizes except from DT820 A and is valid from serial numbers 2004-…. and onwards.

Download: 120-2020 - Aluminium pulsation dampeners now standard in ATEX.pdf

New TZ pump series

Tapflo launches new AODD pump series with ATEX zone 0 approval.

Download: 121-2020 - New AODD TZ pump series.pdf

Air treatment units update

The growing interest in the air treatment units has resulted in an expansion of available sets with manual and electric on-off valves. Moreover our supplier - FESTO has expanded filter-regulator series with a new size. The 6-020-003F set is a cost effective solution, that perfectly matches our smallest AODD pumps. It can be mounted on TR9 and T20/25/30 by “11SFR” option. Due to its limitations – non-ATEX execution and lower pressure adjustability range – we decided to keep both 6-020-001F & 6-020-001FX units available. What is more, the fasteners that connect FESTO components together, have been change to a modular ones.

Download: 122-2020 - Air treatment units update.pdf

AODD Pump Carrying Handles

Tapflo presents updated standard of pump carrying handles. This feature allows to transform the pump into mobile unit, such as emergency pumping station. New pump carrying handles provide also, as an option, holder for the filter-regulating set 11SFR.

Download: 124-2020 Pump handles.pdf

Product Highlights


TXP120 X, TXP220 X, TXP420 X, TXP820 X
Powder pumps for hydrophobic aluminum powder

Our partner, aluminum powder manufacturer, conducted successful tests on our TXP pumps series. For aluminum powder granulation 15-25 μm and bulk density 0,11-0,18 kg/dm3 we obtained following results:
TXP120 X: capacity 2,06 kg/min, 200l drum unloaded in 15min 30s
TXP220 X: capacity 6,87 kg/min, 200l drum unloaded in 4min 38s
TXP420 X: capacity 16,9 kg/min, 200l drum unloaded in1min 53s
TXP820 X: capacity 37,7 kg/min, 200l drum unloaded in 53s
Hose length: suction 4m, discharge 10m, vertical lift 6,87m Safety measures: nitrogen to be used at injection points and suction installation for diluting oxygen content in powder/air mixture, thus preventing the dust from the explosion.

Website page: powder pumps

Download as pdf file - TPX120 X, TPX220 X, TPX420 X, TPX820 X

Small AODD pumps for disinfection system

The TR20 is the heart of the disinfection gate system which transfers a sanitizer from the supplying tank onto clothes and hands of the person that is moving through the gate (ATEX certified version of the pump available for flammable agents). Pump maintains a constant pressure of the disinfectant in discharge installation, where the motion sensor activated solenoid valves with spraying nozzles are fitted at tubes ends. The cycle repeats with each new person approaching the gate.

Design parameters for the system: 10-20 ml to be dispensed in max. 5 seconds @ 4-5 bar (nozzles working pressure). TR20 PTT makes here only a few strokes per minute, working either against discharge installation completely closed by the valves or with limited flow, through tiny orifices of nozzles only.
To ensure reliability in this difficult and commendable duty, special 24h test and extra inspection are performed before each unit leaves our factory.

Website page: PE&PTFE pumps/TR20

Download as pdf file - TXR20 PTT & TR20 PTT

Electrically driven diaphragm pump with EPDM diaphragm, PE1000 valve balls and built on frequency inverter

This was one of the first EODD pumps we put in operation. It was installed in April 2019 at a wastewater treatment facility since then pumping sludge with limescale. It has a pH of 6 to 9, contains FeCl3, and is very abrasive. Particle size varies from 1 to 5 mm. Pump operates at 50 Hz generating 90 l/min of flow at 1-1,5 bar. The pump runs 24/7 meaning it now has a runtime of over 9.000 h and has done more than 185 million strokes. After a 6 month period a maintenance check was conducted on the pump and, only as a precaution, the diaphragms where replaced. The Tapflo pumps (which now the customer has 2 off) have replaced a hose and progressive cavity pumps. The first one suffered spontaneous hose raptures every 3-6 months and the other one required a stator replacement every 2-3 months.
Website page: Electrically operated pumps

Download as pdf file - TE100

Long coupled centrifugal industrial pumps with CGV (Ceramic/Graphite/Viton) mechanical seal, DIN flanges and mechanical seal flushing.

A recycling company is using Tapflo CTI pumps for transferring PET chunks from waste bottles and packaging. Wastes are subjected to preliminary cleaning procedure, then they are cut into small, few millimeters chunks, and cleaned again. 20% (by mass) PET chunks with 80% water are pumped to the centrifugal separator. Flushed mechanical seal execution helps to protect it from fast wear. 8 pumps operate 24/7 since 2015 with basic maintenance.

Website page: CTI industrial pumps

Download as pdf file - CTI DF & CTI DD